Monday, December 7, 2009

Convention 2010 is Here!!!

Please join your brothers and sisters in Boston (Waltham) for convention on January 8th-11th 2010.

And yes, four days! We have a full day devoted exclusively to hanging out and having fun. No meetings (yay!)

Please let us know _as soon as possible_ if you are coming. Crash space is available, but limited, so we need to know ASAP if you need it.

Kappa Gamma Psi Convention

January 8th-January 11th

70 Hope Avenue
Waltham, MA. 02453

617-319-6337 - Ian
857-869-5342 - Polina

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

It was so inspiring visiting my fellow Kappas in Boston this past weekend! We shared some wonderful food (thank-you Ian) and I saw a lot of friends, some of which had not seen in perhaps a decade!
We got some god business done, and I think we made things a little more simple for us all!
I returned home with a renewed feeling of friendship and community, and motivation to start looking up regional choirs and choruses again and begin scheduling auditions.
I also returned home with some great contacts and possibilities for programmes to implement at my school and and with my daughter at home.
Annika, by the way, is now obsessed with the musical "Cats" as a result of the trip:)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Kappa Gamma Psi Week of Philanthropy!

Please join us for the Week of Philanthropy on April 20th-26th.

This is a public event, and you can participate wherever you live and invite your friends! All you have to do is perform one (or more!) acts of philanthropy during that week. Nothing else is required (but more would be wonderful!). We also want to hear your stories of the great things you did that week. If you find yourself at a loss for where or how to volunteer/donate, just ask! We'll help find you a group, or even set something up for you. If you are on Facebook, look up the "Kappa Gamma Psi Week of Philanthropy" and Join the event! There is also a yahoogroup called kgpwop that you can join!

More details on this as we get closer to the date...

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

VILLAINS RECITAL at Convention! :-D

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our next national convention will be happening in Boston, MA on July
17th - 19th this year! Mark your calendars!

This convention will have a RECITAL, of course. That's not unusual
for a Kappa convention. But this year, the recital will be THEMED.
Our theme is... VILLAINS! There will be opportunities for all kinds
of performances at the convention, but we'd particularly like to
encourage villain-themed performances at the recital.

Also, this year we'd like to put in extra effort to make sure we put
our best foot forward, performance-wise, for the non-members who will
What I would really appreciate from everyone at this time is a list
of performances you're thinking of. It doesn't have to be even close
to final and it is in no way binding. Just let me know what ideas
are floating around in your head and any basic requirements for those
ideas (accompaniment, additional singers / actors, sets, A/V
equipment, etc...). Sending me a _little_ info is much better than
sending me none!

If you're _looking_ for performance ideas or for performers to
collaborate with, let me know that too! I may be able to help match
people and ideas. :-)

Let's make this our best recital to date by getting the ball rolling

Ian K. Schleifer

P.S. Let me know that you want to be involved with the upcoming Week
of Philanthropy, even at a cursory level. (Hint: You DO want to be

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Art and technology

As an author published in the wide, wonderful world of electronic books, I often reflect upon how much technology has influenced art. From computer graphics to putting up music videos on YouTube, I would argue that for the most part, technology has been a driving force behind making art more accessible to its audience and thus is beneficial.

These days I am more apt to read books on my computer than acquire paperback books; I find that I am running out of shelf space and running out of space for shelves. Admittedly, a certain degree of environmentalism plays a part; no trees are chopped down to produce an ebook.

Technology, I think, is allowing art to evolve and express itself in different venues. While some may think that picking up a paintbrush is superior to anything created in Photoshop, I believe that each is a valid artist medium.

What do you feel about technology's influence on art? Do you find it to be mostly good, mostly bad, or are you mixed?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

2009 National Convention - Interim

Just a quick announcement:

The Kappa Gamma Psi interim National Convention will be taking place the weekend of July 17th-19th, 2009 in Boston, MA.

Start making plans now!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Welcome to the blog of Kappa Gamma Psi!

Kappa Gamma Psi (ΚΓΨ) is a national professional co-ed performing arts fraternity in the United States, originally founded in 1913.